The Next Army?

whats-next2The Sylvaneth army that I had made for my son is complete; well, it is complete for now.  I have no doubt that we will add some more to it later. I had even managed to make 6 do it yourself forest templates for the army to use. Now the decision is what army do I want to play? What is the army that I will build for myself to play?

Upfront, I can tell you that this was a complicated and detailed decision. I had some really cool ideas for a Death army, but I wanted to see what the new book would be like before I made that plunge; in addition, I really want a new zombie and skeleton kit before I dive into them; the old ones from GW are really bad. I had some ideas for a Khorne army, but well, I don’t want to play daemons. I had played them for 20 years before I took my hiatus and I just can’t do that right now. I like the idea of a goblin army, but they seem to be the army that is not really being dealt with right now, so maybe in the future.the-answer-logo-web1In the end, the answer was to build a list from what I have already. My son and I had found a box with a mixed bit of High Elves, Wood Elves, and Dark Elves from the Old version of Warhammer Fantasy. So, I set out to make a list that did two things: incorporated the models that I already owned and was viable and semi-competitive.

In the end, I had to make a few trades with some demon models that I already owned, but I ended up with a nice solid collection of models, that I think I can play as a cohesive and semi-competitive force. I am really trying hard to stick to my own rule of painting what I have before buying anything new. Trading models for models doesn’t constitute a purchase. Sadly, we have just about finished the entire garage and storage room at the new house, so I don’t think I will find anymore boxes of models. Integration2As the army I was going to paint was in Order, and Sylvaneth were in Order, I decided that I wanted to make it so they models would all blend in together and that they could be used as a cohesive force on the battlefield. I had not planned this with the Sylvaneth, however, I had an idea that would let me blend all future additions together.

So, looking at the models that I owned, this is the list that I came up with for my first list. It is not optimal, but it uses what I have…I will add to it down the road.

Allegiance: Order
Battlemage (100)
 Specialisation: Amber
Archmage (120)
 Mount: Steed
Loremaster (100)
Anointed Of Asuryan On Frostheart Phoenix (240)
Anointed Of Asuryan On Frostheart Phoenix (240)
High Warden (220)
 Trait: Legendary Fighter
 Artefact: Obstinate Blade
5 x Doomfire Warlocks (160)
20 x Skinks (120)
 Meteoric Javelins & Star Bucklers
10 x Skinks (60)
 Boltspitters & Star Bucklers
10 x Skinks (60)
 Boltspitters & Star Bucklers
10 x Eternal Guard (80)
10 x Spireguard (120)
5 x Reavers (160)
5 x Dark Riders (120)
Balewind Vortex (100)

Total: 2000 / 2000
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 139

Well, that is all for now. Next up, I will have some work in progress on the new army.

Until the next post…Magilla signing off…


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