The Last 10 Dryads…For Now…

The GarageI wanted to add 10 Dryads to my existing Sylvaneth army.  I wanted them to match the existing collection, and the existing 20 man unit, but be different enough that I could use them as a separate 10 man unit if the need arises. Let me be completely honest, I am horrible at taking pictures, I only occasionally remember to take pictures during a project.img_8015In this case, I forgot to take a picture until after I had primered the models in white, and painted it with US Olive Drab by Vallejo and then washed it with Citadel Agrax Earthshade. Next, I drybrushed them with Stonewall Grey.img_8017

The first thing to do was paint the “robes/loincloths” with Warlord Purple by Vallejo and then wash them with Citadel Carroburg Crimson. I then lightly drybrushed them with Warlord Purple again.img_8020img_8019I then forgot to take pictures again for a long while. I then painted the leaves with Moot Green and washed them with Athonian Camoshade. The flowers on the tops of the branches were painted with Vallejo Squid Pink. The swirls in the bark were washed twice with Nihilakh Oxide.img_8067The next time I remembered to take a picture was after I based the models by painting the bases with Dryad Bark from Citadel. I then used a combination of Brown and Dark Brown sand from Woodland Scenics. I then flocked them with Blended Green Turf. img_8080Lastly, I used a pink foliage flock from China to give the branches the Cherry Blossom appearance.img_8161The final product was exactly what I hoped for; they looked great and they blended in with the existing army.

That is all for now, so until the next post…Magilla signing off…



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