Why Sylvaneth?

WhyWhy do we end up picking one army over another? If you look at any game that is successful, there are usually a host of different factions or armies to choose as the force you will command. Age of Sigmar is no different. You can choose from Order, Chaos, Death, and Destruction. Furthermore, you can delve deeper into each major factions and pick from a host of different factions like Beastclaw Raiders, Disciples of Tzeentch or Stormcast Eternals. With so many choices, how do you pick just one?img_8055In my case it was very easy. I picked the army my son would be most inclined to play. He loves everything Tolkien, and he really loves the March of the Ents, so I was able to easily pick out an army that I knew he would love and hopefully play – Sylvaneth. d-fence-defense-signIn addition to being visually appealing to my son, it fits his play style – Defense! My son like to play like a turtle; he castles up and slowly and methodically works his way across the table after weathering an attack or ten. Sylvaneth fit into this play style. With the forests and woods they make, and their tendency to play better after they blunt the opponents initial thrust, this seems like the perfect army for him. So, I set out to get the models he would like the most.img_7715He really likes the Ents, or Treelords. This army has a Treelord Ancient as he has the best abilities and is a dead hard model to get off the table. He is also a compromise, as he cost a lot less than the Spirit of Durthu. He is necessary for the battalion I like to run, so he is a good all around fit. img_7794Drycha is a great model when facing hordes. For my son, she is a great female Ent model. That is all he currently cares about; however, when he really start playing, he will like her versatility against hordes.img_8010The Branchwych for me was another wizard and another leader model. For my son, he thinks she looks like a cool young Ent. She has more foliage on her as she is “younger” and is more vibrant. Works for me!

The rest of the models are just those needed to fill out the list. I have been really surprised by the Dryads as they are a solid and reliable tar-pit; but they don’t do any reliable damage. The Tree-Revenants are not very useful, so I have went from 10 man units to 5 man units. Kurnoth Hunters are expensive and overcosted; but they are your damage dealers. They do a bunch of damage per hit – with a bow or scythe.the-answer-logo-web1The answer sometimes is an easy one, we pick and army that calls out to us visually in the hopes that we can get our kid to play the game with their old man.

Anways, I just wanted to share my ideas on the Sylvaneth army that I have been playing and showcasing. It is almost finished and then when it is… …I will start the army that I want to play. I will say that you will be able to see it sooner than later, at least glimpses of it. As for the Sylvaneth, I am waiting on some basing material and I need to finish up the forest/woods. Well…

….Until the next post, Magilla signing off…



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