Painting a Branchwych

gorilla-cartoon-character-artist-painter-gallery-gorilla-logoI wanted to paint up a Branchwych to expand out the Age of Sigmar force I had collected. I think the list needs another Wizard and I think that I need to play a battalion or two to make the list work better. So, I picked up a Branchwych and got going with my task.

I will have to admit this model surprised me. It was not a very Games Workshop model, instead it reminded me of a Wyrd miniature model. It had a lot of things that attached at smooth and vague edges and not the normal clearly defined Games Workshop edges or divots.  I will admit that this model was easy to put together only because of my practice with Wyrd models; otherwise it would have been pain in the arse.

Painting these Sylvaneth models, I have reverted to a painting style that is more familiar to me; much more familiar and comfortable than the grey-scale I have been messing around with the last few weeks. They are primered with Citadel White primer and then I painted the entire model with Vallejo Surface Primer, US Olive Drab.img_7945After that had a chance to dry, I hit the staff of the Scythe with Gun Corps Brown.img_7948Next, I hit the small new growth branches with Rucksack Tan.img_7949The next thing I did was hit the “bark robes” with Warlock Purple.img_7950The last thing I did before washing the model was paint the Worm on her shoulder with Wurm Green.img_7951The entire model was then washed with Agrax Earthshade. I then completely forgot to take pictures the rest of the way until I wash almost done.img_7953Basically I:

  1. Drybrushed the brown wood areas with Stonewall Grey.
  2. I then Drybrushed the Purple Bark area with Warlock Purple and then Squid Pink.
  3. The Green Worm got a Drybrush of Wurm Green and then Necrotite Green.
  4. The Flowers on the new growth were painted Squid Pink.
  5. The Swirls on the head were painted Arcane Blue
  6. The Scythe was painted with Nihilakh Oxide.
  7. Paint the green worm claws and fangs with Menoth White Highlight.

img_7964The blade of the Scythe was then washed with Coelia Greenshade.img_7965I again forgot to take pictures again for awhile, but the next steps were:

  1. Drybrush the Scythe with Arcane Blue and Underbelly Blue.
  2. Paint the Base with Steel Legion Drab.
  3. Base it with a 50/50 mix of Brown and Dark Brown ballast.

img_7969Next up I put Army Painter tufts and Woodland Scenics Blended Green Tufts on the base.img_8010Finally, I repainted the base Dryad Bark as the other base color was too light. I then put flower flocking on the branches and then I was done!

Well, this post is long enough, so until the next post, Magilla signing off…

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