Perpetually Peppy Purveyor of Pus and Plague

Sick SmileySo Games Workshop has a new story line Malignant Portents; they have been using this to drop hints about the new Nurgle and Undead models coming out soon. I find it interesting that Nurgle is the force that is countering the rise of death. It makes sense that he would, but I just had never thought about him in those terms. He likes for things to grow; unhealthy diseases, plagues, and pestilence, but he does like things that grow. As I am leaning back toward Chaos, I am interested in all things Daemon; as Nurgle was always a favorite, I am interested in seeing where this goes in Age of Sigmar. Anything that breaks up the monotony of seeing lots and lots of Tzeentch is a good thing in my opinion.logoIn addition, they released the seven days of Nurgle during the holidays; an event to showcase the new Nurgle models. Well, day one was a funny video that had Duncan and a choir singing about Grandfather Nurgle. It was amusing; especially Duncan and the two thin coats of paint. Starting on Day 2 however, they started to show off the new models for Nurgle. I really am liking the new jovial theme that many of the models displayed. Without further ado, the other 6 days of Nurgle.

New Greater Daemons of Nurgle? Yes! I really like the fact that the new models harken back to the old models and they have a New Character Great Unclean One, bonus points scored!

The new heralds are fantastic! They really show case the weird warped nature of the followers of Nurgle. I like the new direction the models are heading. Hoping this means we get a new Tallyman model as well….well, I can hope!

The human followers….to be honest, I have never really been into the human followers, I am all about the denizens of the warp. However, this model is really well done. I might still that shield for some conversion….some where along the way.

More human followers of Nurgle. These models are so good, they are making me think hard about playing them.

Finally, finally, finally – a new beast of Nurgle model. This model has been a long time coming; a really, really, really long time coming. The new model is perfect for the happiest follower of Nurgle and has the bulk and character that perfectly fits the big slug.

Terrain? Oh yes! Playing Sylvaneth, I have learned that placing terrain can be hugely important, and this piece of terrain looks like it could do some damage. Occupying board space is important in itself; however, if you can do that an threaten opponents….even better.

Well, no much more to say about the cool new models being released soon. So…

…Until the next post, Magilla signing off…

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