Making a Magnetic Army/Miniature Case

471404Models and Miniatures are getting better every years. The ones that Games Workshop and Privateer Press are putting out right now are fantastic. They are also a fantastic pain in the arse to transport. They have arms, limbs, horns, spines, tails, and who knows what else sticking out all over the place. Finding foam to transport many of these models is a pain in the butt. This is especially true with an army like Sylvaneth for Age of Sigmar. So, I decided to build me a magnetic case to transport them.

I will be completely honest and say that the idea was not original. I have for a long time seen people transporting models in homemade magnetic cases. This is just the first one that I have ever built. I have looked at those cases and after a walk through my local hardware store, this is what I came up with for my first case.

The Dad Blog Budget Friendly Magnetic Case:img_7823.jpg

  • Ziploc Weather Shield Box
  • Galvanized Steel Flashing Shingles x4
  • Liquid Nails x2
  • Sandpaper Block

img_7805I like the Ziploc Weather Shield Box because it has 6 locking handles. I went with a box that was a little bigger than I needed because I was not sure how tall Alarielle was and I wanted room for a scenic base.img_7825The first thing I did was sand the galvanized steel shingles to make the surface rougher so that the glue would stick to it better.img_7827I did the same thing to the bottom of the Ziploc box. The bottom was super slippery, so roughing it up with the sand paper block should help the glue stick to the surface more securely.

After both of them were roughed up with Sand paper, I wiped them down with an old cloth to clean them up.img_7859I then put the glue down and spread it as evenly as possible and placed the steel flashing shingles on top of it.img_7847I then stacked a bunch of heavy boxes on top of it and left it for three days to dry and cure.

img_7881The results? Pretty good for my first try. It can hold my entire 2000 point Sylvaneth army with room to grow.  It has room in the transport for 30 more Dryads, 6 more Kurnoth Hunters, another Treelord Ancient, and a Branchwych or two.

Overall, I am pretty happy with the case and I will be making another one for my next Age of Sigmar army. While I am not sure about flying with them, I will definitely use them for transporting my army to all local or nearby tournaments.

Until the next post, Magilla signing off…

3 thoughts on “Making a Magnetic Army/Miniature Case

  1. I picked up the boxes a while back to make a few of these for myself, but have yet to get around to sourcing the metal sheets for the base of them.

    Must work out where I can look and what I can get.


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