Dead Men of Dunharrow Inspired Sepulchral Guard

Aragorn-and-the-Army-of-the-DeadI am pretty sure that a whole lot of gamers saw the new Sepulchral Guard for Shadespire and immediately thought about painting them like the Undead Army in Lord of the Rings. No? No one else? Fine! Well, I liked the idea and ran with it.

Okay, I tried really hard to take pictures while painting this time, I am not going to say that I was 100 percent successful, but I will say that I did better than any previous attempt. img_7681I primered the skeletons white. I tend to use more white primer as I like the feel of a blank canvas to work on.img_7682The next thing you need to do is paint them with Nihilakh Oxide. img_7683It gives the models that soft blue under tone we will need to make them look ghostly. The paint is almost a wash. It is a little thicker and has a creamy texture. It will pool more than a regular wash, so pay attention to prevent this issue.img_7685The next step I use is to wash the model with Coelia Greenshade. It helps to darken the model a bit and it really fills into the recesses and crevices nicely. It also keeps the model the right tint.img_7687The models turn a bit darker, but this is what they look like after the Coelia Greenshade wash.img_7700I next give them a drybrush of P3 Underbelly Blue. It has the right blue/green-grey pigment.img_7701Even with this first layer of dry-brush they are starting to look very ghostly. I like to use the first dry-brush layer with a color that has a tint of blue in it, so it makes it blend better. Or at least to this barely average painter.img_7702I next use a very, very white color called Morrow White. img_7703I think it really makes the models pop once you add the white drybrush.img_7705So, I failed again! I completely forgot to take pictures from the start of the details to the end. I wanted them to be ghostly but their weapons to look real. I pained the skeletons on the bases in the tradition bone scheme to make them contrast from the Ghostly Sepulchral Guard.

Well, that is all. I swear I will try to take more pictures during the Ironskull’s box…maybe I will not skip steps this time… promises.

Until the next post…

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