Khorne for Shadespire – Now Painted

So, I liked the way the Stormcast turned out for Shadespire. I liked it so much, in fact, that I painted the next set of models in a completely different way. I know that I want to try and work on the Greyscale style painting, I like the way it looks. But, I also seem to have the attention span of a fruit fly and I am easily distracted. If you look at it from a glass half full perspective, Shadespire is great for trying out new styles as each force is only a handful of models.

On another note, I still suck at taking pictures while painting. Working on it, but as of this post, I still am failing spectacularly!img_7598I wanted to try black as a primer. I normally do white, but for this batch, I really wanted to try black to see if it made a difference in the end.img_7601I like P3 paints. I use other paints to include Citadel, Vallejo, and Warcolours; however, I prefer P3 paints because I like the way they paint on a model… just flows well. Anyways, I used Bastion Grey as the base color for the model. Bastion Grey is the middle grey in the warm grey range for P3.41a3d261-8e50-49b8-9d56-8349b60bb50cYea, so I got in the painting groove and forgot to take anymore pictures. Oops! Sorry!

I tried to stick to the warm grey colors in the P3 range, all the colors that have Cryxian names. The models turned out okay and they still look like a lot of the color is being leached from them, but I will admit that I am not entirely happy with them. I will try the more warm colors again, but I am starting to feel that I like the cool grey colors more.grey 1I like the cool grays and their blue tint to the warm grays and their brown tints. I probably should order some more Warcolours as they have the best cool grey range that I have ever found.a2Well, enough talk of gray scale painting from a barely average painter. Up next on the painting table is the Undead from Shadespire.

Until the next post…


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