Shadespire: Painting Greyscale Stormcast?


After just one semi-successful set of models painted, I decided to jump in and paint the Stormcast Eternals from the new Shadespire game by Games Workshop. I actually like the Stormcast Eternal models, I just never have liked the over abundance of gold on them. As I mentioned previously, I liked the lore of Shadespire and the fact that they stated that the color had been leeched out of the city as it lingers in its pocket dimension. This gave me not only the opportunity to try and paint greyscale, but it also gave me the opportunity to pain the Stormcast models in something other than gold.Shadespire

As a quick overview, Shadespire is the new miniature game by Games Workshop. More importantly, it is the first game that has been created by them that is designed to be competitive. I have always loved their human sized models, so I was sold immediately. I purchased the box and then it sat as I tried to figure out what to do with the models. That is when I settled on painting them greyscale.IMG_7553So, mistakes were made. The models had bits I couldn’t get to when they were glued to the bases, so i had to break them off. Lesson learned.

I primered the models white. I am not sure if it is better to go black primer, white primer, or a combination of both.IMG_7564So again, I suck at taking photos, I really do. I am trying to get better, but no promises. I then painted the models in different shades of grey and then washed them with Nuln Oil. The bases I wanted to be a lighter shade of grey compared to the Stormcast. I wanted the Stormcast dark to represent metal that had been a dark burnished gold.IMG_7567

So, I suck at photos. Anyways, I painted the bases a medium grey tone. Washed them and then drybrush back up to a broken egg  I then painted the eyes of the fallen statue blue and I painted all the leaves green. I then painted the vine a sickly orange as if it was withering and the color was fading. Well, that was the goal at least.IMG_7587IMG_7586

On the models, I had originally planned to just use the blue for the yes and the shoulder shield plates. However, I felt the lightning bolts would look really good if they were painted in a yellow…so that got added later. and I really liked it. There is definitely room for improvement, but I was overall pretty happy with how they turned out with a couple of evenings work. I think I need to work a bit on edge highligting as I did it in a few places and it noticeably makes the model pop…in my opinion.GYFP1968

I must say that this project has me excited to paint the other half of the box set. I will definitely try to take more work in progress photos of those models, but no promises.

So, without further ado, on to the Khorne Models!

Until the next post…

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