Painting: One Plus Three Equals Trying Film Noir


The more I read the background on Shadespire the more I want to paint models in a Film Noir/Sin City style. I think a Greyscale style of painting will really make these models look good and at the same time, they will make them fit the story and lore. I have no formal training in painting or art, so I just decided to look at a few pictures of Film Noir art and give it a go.  I realize that I will make mistakes and take unnecessary steps, but I figure if I at least learn from my mistakes that I am making progress.IMG_7355I had four old Dark elf models that I had planned to use for Frostgrave, so I decided to give them a go and see if I could paint them up to look something approaching respectable representations of Film Noir paint schemes. The models had an old black primer on them, so I went a head and primered them while but only from straight on and top down, to create some early shading. I was thinking Ice bases, so I put some crackle paint on the bases…something I was later wishing I had not done….oh well.IMG_7367I am going to tell you right now that I am crap at remembering to take pictures.

I started with one Assassin as I was not exactly sure how it would turn out. I painted the model in shades of grey and metal and used a green to accent it. I then washed it in Nuln Oil and used a small brush to lightly layer the original color back on the model while trying to miss the recessed areas.IMG_7370

I then went an painted the base a blue to make it look like ice. I did this so it would hopefully peak out from under the snow cover I was going to put on top.IMG_7383So the snow almost completely covered the model, but I felt like the model looked okay. I need to work on the shading, but it is at least table top quality.IMG_7387

I remembered to grab a shot as I was in the middle of doing the different shades of grey. It is the only real work in progress photo, but you get an idea I think…maybe?IMG_7392IMG_7402This is both models after they were completely painted, then washed and then touched back up.  I used a blue wash on the Witches chain mail shirt, and a little bit of gold on the Warlocks trim, but I mainly stuck to the idea and concept.IMG_7430While I will not win awards, I would not be embarrassed to play them on the table top with other people. I think I need to work a bit more on my shading and trying to stick with shades of grey, but overall, I was happy with this humble beginning. So happy that I have decided to paint up the Stormcast in the Shadespire Starter box next.

Until the next post…

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