Painting: Just Doing One Model

gorilla-cartoon-character-artist-painter-gallery-gorilla-logoI am not going to lie, painting models was never my favorite thing to do. More often than not, I commissioned my armies to be painted by someone else. The painting that I did do was attempts to match the painting style of the army I commissioned, so newly added models would not stick out. Even then, I only painted models when I really needed a model on short notice and wanted to add it in right away.

Now, this is to say that I never ever got the painting bug. From time to time, I would paint a small force or a few models just because I wanted to try out a new game. I have also painted an army just to see if I could do it. However, I would not consider myself a great painter; truth be told, I would not consider myself a good painter. What I am is an average painter when it comes to table top quality models.

However, with my much more limited time for gaming, I have found that I do have a bit of time available for painting. I can usually squeeze in an hour or so to work on a few models here or there. So, I really want to figure out my painting style. I really do like some of the Greyscale paint work I see; especially when they throw a splash or three of color on it to give it that Sin City look.  This style of painting was particularly intriguing as I really liked the idea and concept of Shadespire; in that game’s lore, the city has had all the color stripped from it by Nagash and his magic.IMG_7393First however, I just need to paint a model to get back in the swing of things. I had this Brun and Lug model from my Warmachine days. The two factions I played or would play again, do not allow Brun and Lug, so I decided to paint up the bear and toss the dwarf. I mainly wanted to see what a model I had no plan for would turn out like when I just went and painted it. I had an idea I wanted it dark with some light coloring, that was about it.

The models were primered black and I then drybrushed them with grey and then white.IMG_7398I then used thinned down paints to paint in the fur, straps, claws and armor. I then gave the model a wash of Nuln Oil.IMG_7401Once the Nuln oil was dry, I went back over the fur with a light brown that was very thinned out..almost to a wash level. I then painted the straps a bright mustard brown and the claws got touched up as did the teeth. I added in small drops of red for the eyes.IMG_7423The fur wasnt dark enough, so I hit it with an AP Strong Shade wash. Even though the model was just a test model, I went ahead and based it to see what it looked like totally finished. Honestly, not to bad loooking, in my humble opinion. However, it was not exactly what I want to do with future models as it didnt have enough contrast in shades of grey that you get in a Film Noir. I was looking for something along these lines.james-noir-mainWell, I think next up I will paint some old Dark Eldar models I have to try and get that Film Noir look I want to apply to my models. I am just glad I got one model painted. It is a nice slow start.

Well until the next post….

One thought on “Painting: Just Doing One Model

  1. […] Painting: Just Doing One Model @ The Dad Blog – Just a nice post with some nice pics of some nice painting.  The chosen Mercs from Warmachine are a pair of models that I’ve always really loved, so it’s nice to see them painted up so beautifully.  I sympathise a lot with the author’s attitude to painting, too! […]


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