What is The Dad Blog?

gorila_laptop2In the simplest terms, The Dad Blog is the episodic record of a father of four as he attempts to find time for his hobby. The longer explanation…

…I have been an avid gamer for more than a quarter of a century. I have played card games, role-playing games, dice games, board games, and of course my favorite miniature games. Over the years I have played a variety of miniature games competitively: Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40K, Malifaux, and Warmahordes. Lately however, I have found myself struggling to find any time to play games or even be active in the hobby by painting or building models.

You see, I have four children who are in a plethora of activities. I really enjoy going to their events, games, and activities; in addition, I like spending time with them fishing, hiking, going to baseball games, football games, and hockey games. I enjoy watching movies with them and we also have our regular programs we watch on a weekly basis, not to mention our twice a month family game night.TimeThis in turn leaves very little time for me to do anything hobby or miniature gaming related. So, you would think that the story would end there and I would move on. In a way, I did. You see, I had a podcast with some friends, but my time was so limited, that I decided it would be best to turn over the podcast to the other members of the podcast, as the content was beginning to suffer. They have revamped the podcast and I believe they are in their 15th or 16th episode. I went so far as to sell off all my mini’s (or gave them away – in some cases), I didn’t want them gathering dust and with my youngest son just starting third grade, I felt like it would be a long time until I had a chance to game again.

However, I just couldn’t shake the gaming itch. I subscribed and listened to a host of miniature game podcasts. As I listened, I noticed that several of them talked about how they found time to hobby and even game around their busy family schedules. After mulling the idea over for quite a long time, I decided that I could squeeze out some hobby time and maybe even some game time, even if it was only occasionally. From that single decision, I decided to launch this blog.Gorilla KeyboardThe Dad Blog. The name says it all. I am a Dad and this is my blog…

…my tiny, insignificant, little portion of the internet. However, despite the insignificant nature of this blog, it is mine, and I plan to use it to record my hobby and gaming progress. I honestly have very modest expectations as I only have half of an hour, to maybe a full hour of free time on any given evening. Therefore, I plan to post once a week, on Sundays; if I can squeeze in a second post, it will be on Thursdays.

The next thing to tackle, is what will I post about; just what will I find time to do with such a limited amount of game time. Well, I am going to start small. No grandiose plans to get derailed. Start small and see exactly what I can do, before coming up with any long-range plans. Starting small means starting with models that I already have to get back in the painting groove. I have a few random models for Warmachine and Hordes and I have a few others I collected for Frostgrave, when I was thinking about playing that game.gorilla-cartoon-character-artist-painter-gallery-gorilla-logoI need to figure out my painting style. For years, I have mainly been painting to add models to existing armies that I had commission painted. Therefore, I was painting to mimic the style used to paint my armies. I have a style that I had used in the past to quickly paint models for demos. It is not a great style of painting, but it does let me paint quickly. However, it results in very dark models. I have wanted to experiment a bit and figure out a style that I like more. I have an idea, but I will wait to discuss it in a future article.

So, there it is. My blog and the idea behind it. Hopefully, you enjoy it and maybe, just maybe you find something in it helpful, insightful or humorous. At the very least, you can see my multitude of mistakes and learn from them or at least not repeat the same ones.

So with no further ado… …Here, We, Go!

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